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We are engineers, designers, developers, and researchers seeking to grow the brands/products of our clients through effective digital tactics from Strategy and Branding to Web and Mobile Apps Design & Development to Digital Marketing, Management and Optimization.

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Our skilled designers and developers collaborate to create the visually stunning customized website. Our experts would recommend which type of website would suit your brand, whether it requires Static, POS, or CMS. Also, we create Chatbots from scratch. Oh yes, we’re one of the top web developers for a reason!


Google gets over 100 billion searches a month, and 75% of people who search never scroll past the first page of those search results. Our SEO experts can’t only craft the right titles and tags but also create shrewd, keyword-oriented website content to help increase your organic search results.


Elevate your brand with creating visuals that are creative, responsive, fresh and tailor-made for you. From a custom logo design to a complete branding revamp, our skilled designers will blow your mind.


Our professional team develops engaging and efficient desktop and mobile apps to ensure that your company/brand receives the most benefit from app interactions and that what allow businesses to stay on top of their game!


Based on our monthly studies and powerful tools, we rapidly turn the collected data into statistics and insights in order to improve decision making process and enhance business performance to reach the target faster.


We at ORYX are dedicated to ensuring that every issue is resolved to your satisfaction. We want you to get the most from our applications/websites long after the initial sale and installation, therefore our technical team offers to assist you at any time as after sales service.


Our team takes strategy + data + research approach to UI and UX design. We begin by asking the subjective questions about who will be using this (typically multiple user groups), what are their goal, and what the barriers have been historically. Only then can we create functional requirements that serve as the foundation for architecture, wireframing, prototype and front-end design to ultimately build something that will be as functional, as it is aesthetically beautiful.


Over 1 billion people are active on Facebook, and 60% of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions. Are you leveraging your social media presence as much you could be? We can help you develop a social media strategy and manage your social presence to engage your target audience. Your customers are doing the gossip talk about you right now, and not just in person, but online. Let our Social Media Team take care of this and make this GOSSIP stands out in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY!

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